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Oblique story

Mechanical engineering. Equations, charts, calculations, hypotheses, strength, elasticity and materials. Hundreds of hours of designing, planning and engineering activities. Myriads of books and sheets. The world of mechanical engineers completely lacks irrational behaviour.

On the other hand, due to the abilities and imagination of our wise predecessors – scientists have acquired materials with phenomenal properties. One of the milestones of applied science is carbon fibre. The extreme strength and resistance predestined this material for the toughest of applications including car racing and structures that allowed man to enter the Universe.

Whenever we come into touch with this material – noble from the technological point of view – we are amazed by its history, incredible applications, fantastic properties and natural beauty. Yes, we have become fond of working with carbon. Our fascination has only grown with the increasing number of uses it finds – from its presence in space-based projects, through to its indispensability in racing and surgical implants, up to design masterpieces.

By producing premium-quality carbon elements for demanding customers, we have had the opportunity to share our joy of the existence of carbon with you. In cooperation with highly experienced designers, we are proud to be able to offer you interior design product made of the same materials using the same manufacturing processes as those applied to the manufacture of parts designed for car racing. Our limited edition Oblique product range is the perfect accompaniment to your private space and will serve as a reminder of technological developments, the unconquerable efforts of scientists and the advancement of humankind.

The craftsmanship that goes into creating each bevelled Oblique bowl is a guarantee of its exclusivity, as is the limited number of pieces produced. That craftsmanship ensures that each piece is a precious original and of the highest quality.

A limited series of 500 pieces of each kind.

Irregularities may occur due to the handwork.

Oblique (B) is designed and handcrafted in the Czech Republic.

Want Oblique

Does the Oblique bowl from carbon fibre fit to your space? It is handcrafted with matt or gloss finish. It is only the question of your style.

Oblique matt

Material | Carbon fibre with fine structure

Finish | matt

Weight | approx. 290 g

Dimensions | approx. height 46 mm – 62 mm, approx. diameter 335 mm

Series | 500 pcs.

Price | 18.000 CZK / 670 EUR / 720 USD


Oblique glossy

Material | Carbon fibre with medium structure

Finish | gloss

Weight | approx. 450 g

Dimensions | approx. height 46 mm – 62 mm, approx. diameter 335 mm

Series | 500 pcs.

Price | 12.000 CZK / 450 EUR / 480 USD


Oblique team

The author of the Oblique bowl is one of the leading Czech design studio bété. The bété studio consists of a team of designers with reputation for quality work, innovative design solutions and creative concepts. The enthusiasm and passionate attention to detail of Petr, Michal, Jan and Dan were the key preconditions of this product creation.


bété design studio
Prague, Czech Republic